Fabulous looking Muffin and Cake cases for your smaller baking needs, clean, crisp in appearance, thicker than most cases and they peel away from the cakes so easily.

The Muffin and Cake cases are one of our biggest sellers, popular because of the wide spectrum of colours on offer, the satiny finish making your cakes look really good on the table, either on portion boards, stands, or even piled up on each other using our unique small three inch round or square Pyramid Placement Boards in either silver or gold, giving you even more options for your creativity in presentation.

Both the Muffin and Cake cases’ frills will not come away and there is no running of colours or fading of them if used in the oven, making them so easy to use both during the baking and for the frenzied hands that will demolish your lovely offerings.

They come with a small embossed maple design which helps make them out even further, that little hint of “je ne sais quoi.” Try them – they are great to work with

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