As you will see from this page, our high-quality Cakeboards come in a wide range of different thicknesses, shapes and colours, all with the purpose of giving you the best flexibility in having the right board for your cake. Our range is such that we even have 18mm Heavy Duty Cakeboards, 12mm Drums, 4mm Hardboard, 2.25mm Single thick (White Backing) and 1.6mm Cutcards (Grey Backing), all products out of the norm.

We can also custom cut various shapes and sizes ranging from 2.5″ portion boards or pillar stands to 36″ and above, individualising them as well. We even offer you three inch “Pyramid Place Cards” for your Muffins and Cakes – see that section. Many of our shapes are unique to us and all of them have a lovely, distinctive maple motif embossing on the foil surface, something that the makes the cake and its board look even better and that is unique to Cornish Cakeboards. We do have an option for fern embossment as well, but only in silver; just let us know in the shopping bag comments box and we’ll take it from there.

Most of our boards are shipped, made as ‘Drums’ or ‘Hardboards. However, we also can offer you the choice of any board in a very thin single thick, as we call them. These work with the boards up to 14 inches. After that, a stronger board will be needed, so a Hardboard should be chosen.

We also offer heavy duty drums that are 18mm thick, rather than 12. These are used for huge cakes or when there is going to be extensive moving of a cake. Invariably, they are used for custom cuts. If you do require heavy duty drums, then please contact us for such details, or by phone us on 01872-572-548 or e-mail us on our customer contact point,

We can then discuss your requirements, along with shape, pattern and colour of the foil.

We want your cake to look its very best, be it for tea, a celebration, marking an event. We pride ourselves on our finishing; precise cutting, taut foil, smooth edges, neat hems, all features that we think differentiate ourselves from competitor products and also give you that edge in presenting your cakes.

Go on give us a challenge, guitars, pianos, footballs have all featured in the past, some of them for the “Celebs Cakes.”

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