Here at Cornish Cakeboards, we are committed to sensitive environmental management through our sourcing and production disciplines practised by all our staff. Our papers, foils and boards are sourced from sustainable forestry sources and manufacturers. Most of what we produce is recyclable and, for example, we can shred our waste paper and use that to help in the packaging of our products before their shipment. Our huge range of products, particularly with the small sizes that we offer, allows us to cut intelligently and minimise waste at the very outset. However, any small amounts of waste left over, we duly collect and recycle accordingly with the local community. We are also looking at new projects such as the construction of a small co-gen unit to use left-overs and packaging waste, the all-embracing economics of both the financial and environmental benefits being key to the decision of this. We welcome all ideas for new environmental uses for our products. However an important facet for us is that we know that the quality of our drums and boards lead to usage over and over again, if not for client use, then for family baking.