Choosing the right Cakeboard

Fruit Cakes, Madeira, Dundee, Wedding & Christening Cakes, Christmas and Simnel Cakes

As these cakes are heavy it is best to use a ‘12mm Drum’ board. These boards are thick and should always be used for tiered wedding cakes. Choose a board which at least 2″ bigger than cake tin the cake was baked in. This allows for the thickness of marzipan, icing and also for any decoration around the edge of the board. If you are making a cake of exceptional thickness and weight, then we have our Heavy Duty series to help support those. Our standard drum is some 12 mm thick, our heavy duty, 18 mm. Heavy duty only really comes into its own when some strength in the board is needed for moving the cake or when making presentational cakes for commercial purposes.

Croquembouche and Profiterole Stacks

With a large Croquembouche display, a thicker board like a drum would be better, again allow the two inches or so either side for the display and any caramel threading, so something like a 12 inch one upwards depending on quantity of the choux pastry involved and the height desired.

Sponge Cakes, Battenberg, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Cakes, Upside-Down Cakes and Pound Cake

As these are much lighter, it is best to use a thinner board such as a “3mm Hardboard” which does not overwhelm the cake. Once again choose a board that is at least 2″ bigger all round than the cake.

Cheesecakes, Tarte Tatin, Tiramasu and Gateaux

For desserts with no weight,or for just a base, our Single Thick boards (approx. 2mm) will provide a solution for you. For a day-to-day solution if just a really simple solution is required, try our Cut Card (approx. 1mm) with a grey back and a cut edge.

Ice-Cream Cakes, Cream-Pie Cakes, Banoffees, Genoise and Pavlova

A hardboard or single thick board should suffice for most ice-cream cakes, again use the two to three inch surround rule for presentation and to limit any melt falling off the cake as it is served up.

Custom Cut Boards

For those really special and spectacular cakes, please give us a call. We can cut any shape for you and can advise on the appropriate thickness and help steer you through the finishing of the drum or board as to foils, finish and colour. Individual drums and boards very much made for your needs, as large, small, or as complex as you wish.
JontyChoosing the right Cakeboard