About Cornish Cakeboards

Pride in what we do, our artisanship coming through in every cakeboard and accessory that we offer you, along with our friendliness, good old-fashioned West Country service and accuracy in delivery. These are the values that we hold close to our hearts. It’s simple - the success of your cakes is central to our thinking; the pleasure that your family, friends, guests and customers get from your wonderful cakes is crucial to us and in building and maintaining long-standing relationships with you. We’ve been around for over thirty years; we were founded as a family business and still are one, Doug, Margaret and Joe having formed Cornish Cakeboards and seeing us through to today. Many of our staff have been with us a long time too, a team that thoroughly cherishes and wants to help its customers. Our roots were small, Doug and Margaret having been involved in the building business but in coffee shops too, making fresh bakery and cakes for their clientele in Truro and Camborne, requests for cakeboards then starting to arrive from their customers and friends. Doug decided to marry his building skills with the requests and, after many long evenings spent over his workbench, the first quality Cornish Cakeboards emerged, ones that offered thickness and strength, tight foil, clean hems and presentation to grace any of the cakes that sat on them, and still do, our attention to detail having always being paramount to our success. The custom-made Cornish Cakeboard had begun its life and, over the years, we have made many a board for the famous, from pop and football stars to even Buckingham Palace. Think of all of the cakes made there and, invariably, a Cornish Cakeboard has helped to grace them, the final cake exquisite in all its sugar-craft and decoration. Then the move to offer standard shaped boards took off, a wide network of retail shops being quickly established across Cornwall and the Southwest, ever growing to cover most of the United Kingdom now, and even into export. Many of our sugar-craft shops sell a wide range of our products and have done so for over twenty-five years. And our network still grows as newcomers enter the market to keep and develop the British tradition of fine cake-making thriving. That ability to custom-make orders still goes on in our factory, a unique skill that we have, something that is developing with ever-more elaborate and distinctive cakes being made, cakes that you and your family, friends or customers will remember and cherish. We also offer you high-quality standard boards to handle your day-to-day needs in manageable packages. We are more than Cakeboards though, as you will see; we offer you an enormous range of quality muffin cases, wedding boxes and many accessories to help you reach your goal of making a lovely cake, be it large or small, simple or complex, amateur or professional. We also have a great reputation for speedy delivery and service with our various customers and sugar-craft shops and we love chatting to them and them to us. Cakes - they are fun and enjoyment, and give immense pleasure in what we do, and that is what it is all about. Have a look at what we offer, try us, share your experiences with us and, together, we’ll take quality cake-making to new heights.