Your cakes deserve the best

Cake Boards, Muffin Cases, Cake Decorations and more!

We stock an enormous range of high-quality cake boards, muffin cases, boxes, decorations, frills and various baker sundries for all your cake and bakery needs. We believe that your cakes deserve the best.

After all the hard work, creativity and artisanship that it takes to make a cake, we want to help you make it look perfect, be it for your family, friends or customers. Imagine that cake sitting there in the middle of your table looking resplendent and inviting to be cut and enjoyed, or perhaps you use a board for a selection of muffins, each in their cases and decorated up. The quintessential English tea, helped by us, Cornish Cakeboards.

Browse through the site to see our full range of quality goods or contact us if you have a specific request that you think we could help with. With over 30 years of experience, and cake boards manufactured on site, we're sure we will be able to help you. We are well-known and unique for our customisation service and have put individualistic boards under many a sports star's or musician's cake, as well as even into Buckingham Palace. Any shape, any size, is a challenge that we relish.

Enjoy the site and choose which category of products that you want to explore and we also have an "About" page with some of our history and uniqueness on, as well as a page for "choosing the right cakeboard".

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